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Professional, Skilled & Vibrant

Videographer &
Camera Operator
in Tlv . Israel

2-time Israeli Academy Award winner for best non-fiction cinematography 
vast experience working with foreign producers, directors & crew members
available gear for rental


About Shahar

Since his early 20s, (back when Y2K was THE thing to worry about) Shahar has assisted, filmed, DP'd and directed a vast array of projects. Award-winning documentaries, globe-trotting mega reality shows, commercial-driven films in a variety of genres and distribution techniques, stage and musical events and music videos for newcomers and superstars alike.

ps. Shahar = Dawn (in Hebrew)

My clients  & collaborators

KAN-11 (Israeli Public Broadcast network)



Paramount Israel (Ananei Comm)

Red Arrow Israel (July-August Comm)

Endemol Shine Israel

Facebook IL

Google IL

NICE software


... and many more.

Please contact if you need a particular reference


Testimonials & Interviews

Together, we will imagine and build the appropriate set-up that serves the narrative being told and the person(s) we film.

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Documentary Filming

  • Create attractive on-location documentary scenes

from "one-man-show" to full tech crew, I can capture and create remarkable moments set in real life locations. 

Modern, Energetic or Artistic . Monochrome to Hyper Saturated . 

Engaged in the scene or Observing from a distance

Eye Catching Visuals

Assisted by 20+ years' experience filming in Israel's most known places and the best kept-secret locations.


Video Explainers


Camera Equipment: Sony FX-6, variety of E mount lenses, Ronin gimbal, Wireless video monitor, Interview lighting kit

Urban . Nightlife . Tech-oriented .Religion icons. Rural . Agriculture . Food Markets . Festivals . Travel . Cullinary . Traditional . Beach life . 

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